January 8, 2020by admin

Pakcik Abdullah (Pak Lah) is the longest patient on dialysis in hospital Sultan Abdul Halim. 2020 marks the fourth decade he is on dialysis. He developed end stage kidney disease when he was 37 years of age due to glomerulonephritis. He has been on renal replacement therapy since 1990, initially on peritoneal dialysis till 1991 and since 1991 till now on hemodialysis. He initially started peritoneal dialysis in hospital Pulau Pinang and then had to commute to Alor Star to undergo hemodialysis there until 1998 when the hemodialysis unit in hospital Sungai Petani was opened. He is one of the pioneering patients to start hemodialysis in our unit. Unfortunately, he didnt manage to undergo kidney transplantation due to certain medical factors. Pak Lah worked in JKR for 35 years from 1972 until he retired in 2007. He is blessed with 6 children and 8 grandchildren. He has watched his children grew into adults and his eldest grandchild is now 16 years of age. He attributes his longevity due to his self discipline in maintaining fluid restriction, keeping a low salt diet and making sure his blood pressure is always well controlled. Life on dialysis is difficult and challenging but Pak Lah is proof that with self discipline and proper care, a long quality life on renal replacement therapy is possible and he serves as motivation and example to other patients in the unit to follow his footsteps.
This story and pictures is published with the patient’s permission.